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What to look for in the deep-conditioner?

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We all know that healthy locks require a healthy diet. But, sometimes your hair needs something more too, like deep-conditioning.

In fact, deep-conditioning is one of the vital treatments if you have natural, curly hair. This is because deep-conditioning will not just moisturize your hair, but it will also improve elasticity and make your hair manageable for any styling. But, finding the right products can be challenging.

So, today we will talk about a few things that you must look for in a deep-conditioner.

1- Protein:

If your hair falls flat and looks lifeless, then protein is the most vital ingredient that you must look for. The protein in your deep-conditioner will repair the keratin and strengthen the hair. It will also aid in hair growth.

2- Moisture:

Our hair retains some moisture from the water even after it is dried. But if you have coloured your hair or have damaged hair, then it is possible that your hair lacks moisture, leading to breakage. So opt for deep-conditioner that has hydrating ingredients.

3- Emollient and Humectants:

Emollient and humectants work as sealing agents that locks your cuticle after enough moisture enters the strands. It also prevents your hair from losing the moisture. So, if you are dealing with damaged and frizzy hair that tangles sooner, then opt for deep-conditioners that contain lubricants.

Bottom line

Having these three ingredients in the deep-conditioner will assure that you gain a perfect balance between strength and moisture to keep your hair healthy and lustrous.

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