Why Use Handmade Soap Instead Of Commercial Soap

Have you ever wondered why your skin felt itchy after your bath or shower? Many individuals experience the same itchiness too but just dismiss it without giving it much thought. A number of people test changing the shower cremes and brands of soap, testing out one after another.

Almost all soap that you purchase at the shop is actually detergent with synthetic foaming agents included to form plenty of lather when combined with water. It can’t moisturize your pores and skin, as the glycerine of regular soap has been taken out during the process of creating the soap itself.

Regardless how much you shower or lather, there would undoubtedly be some rough patches of skin around the heels, ankle bone, elbows, knees, and even the the finger tips, around the nails. Some kinds of moisturizers might help soften the pores and skin for awhile.

There’s a gawking difference between natural handmade soap and the regular commercial soap that you purchase from the stores. The great difference can be found along the way of the making of the soap.

Commercial soap is made in huge quantities, using heat processing methods, since it is a quicker way to produce soap. The glycerin in the soap is separated and taken away as a by-product of the heat process, and offered individually as a very expensive beauty product. Because of this, the soap is devoid of glycerin. Fillers and artificial aromas are used with the soap to make it smell very sweet. The truth is, you can even smell it through the packaging! Though some industrial soap may have essential oils, but most are damaged as chemicals are added to produce the scent more powerful. These chemicals and synthetic ingredients in the soap oftentimes cause allergies to the skin, which range from mild itchiness to serious dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis in sensitive skin.

Long term usage and frequent exposure to these detergent and chemicals could sensitize your pores and skin and damage the natural protective layer of your skin, thus making the skin much more at risk of environmental stress.

In comparison, handmade soap is made in smaller batches using cold process which retains the natural glycerin within the soap itself. If you use handmade soap created using natural essential oils and free from harmful chemicals, you’ll find that your skin texture will improve with regular use. The protective layer of the skin will be strengthened since it is nourished each day with essential oils. Individuals who suffer from sensitive skin will find that their skin will be able to better undergo environmental heat, cold and pollution. The natural essential oils would also strengthen and restore their disease fighting capability over time.

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