Why Is My Treadmill Belt Slipping To The Right Side?

Treadmills have fast become a a popular alternative to running outdoors. With the outdoor terrain becoming less jogger friendly and treadmill technology growing more advance,more people are choosing to workoutexercise in their home gym. Cheap treadmills can be opted to be delivered with free-delivery to your home and when you find that your treadmill belt has started to come loose and move around, you can even call a treadmill repair man to come over and fix it.

Today, lets focus on one very common problem that treadmill users have come to face. It is the treadmill belt shifting to one side. This not only makes running difficult, it may actually be dangerous as it could cause the runner to slip and fall thus sustaining very serious injury. By then you would not only have to Repair your treadmill, you would also have to pay for your medical bills. That is why we should not underestimate a simple monthly check of your treadmill condition. It takes just few minutes to keep yourself safe.

Treadmills like all machines needs proper maintenance and proper care to keep the treadmill in tip top condition. It is inevitable that treadmills would decrease in performance as time goes by. The question is when? The better care you take of it, the longer you can expect it to operate. One very common problem that you will encounter would be the treadmill belt slipping to one side and you can’t help but wonder why?

The treadmill belt can be adjusted manually on your own. Usually you will start to feel the treadmill belt slipping to one side after after some time. This is due to the treadmill belt loosening.

It is recommended that the treadmill belt be checked once a month and adjusted if you find that it is starting to move around. Before you alter position of the belt, be sure to read the user manual for instructions on how to go about adjusting. Usually the treadmill manual would provide instructions on belt, and motor care.

The adjustment knob is usually at the rear of the treadmill. Before adjusting, determine the tension of the belt to know which direction to turn. The Belt at all times must not be too stretched or you risk damaging the belt then treadmill is turned on. Depending on which side the treadmill belt slips, alter the roller so that the treadmill belt is back on track.

Some safety factors to keep in mind would be turn off the switch when the treadmill is being repaired. You do not want the treadmill belt to start rolling when you are working on it. What could happen is a misfortunate accident. So turn off the switch and take out the key when repairing the treadmill belt from slipping to one side.

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