Tips On How You Can Stop Vaginal Odor And Stay Clean And Fresh Everyday

Because of where it’s located, it’s only natural for the vagina to smell a bit. You can reduce or hide the natural vaginal smell, but it is unlikely you will get rid of vaginal odor totally. Even healthy vaginas carry a distinctive smell, but it usually doesn’t cause any embarrassment at all.

The typical everyday vaginal odor is something that every woman experiences all through her life, and is considered a small issue that can be solved easily. However, when your vagina odor starts to smell unusual, then it can indicate a medical condition, very likely a vaginal infection, which can be either bacterial, yeast or sexually transmitted infection, or a combination of those.

If you’re experiencing fishy vaginal odor that is accompanied with excessive vaginal discharge and itching symptoms, you might be having the vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis (BV). As soon as you notice there are changes in the pattern of your vaginal discharge and smell, it is vital to see your doctor immediately to identify the cause and get treatment.

Various types of therapy, including natural home remedies, are available to treat fishy vaginal smell in BV. To address this specific problem, you may want to refer to the BV Cure guide, written by a chronic BV sufferer Kristina Tomlin.

Here, we’ll look at what you can do to reduce the general everyday vaginal odor as much as possible.

Feminine care items including odor removal powder and spray can be used to remove vaginal odor, but natural methods are in general safer and cost-effective.

The first and most important rule to stop vaginal odor is to practice good genital hygiene. For instance:
* Wash the vaginal area with warm water and plain (unscented) soap after sex.
* Wipe your vagina after every visit to the toilet.

Next, start wearing loose cotton underwear so that your genital parts can breathe well. Avoid wearing g-strings, synthetic material thongs, lacy and fancy underwear, and tight pants.

Constricting underwear and pants can cause sweat to be trapped in the area, encouraging germs to grow and, thus, contributing to odor problem. Choose white cotton panties as they absorb moisture and sweat more effectively, keeping your vaginal area airy and dry and free from odor.

Some women douche regularly to keep the vagina clean. While douching can help to eliminate vaginal odor, it must be used correctly and carefully. Inappropriate douching will cause harm to the vaginal wall, interfere with the pH balance of the vagina, destroy ‘good’ vaginal bacteria and promote the growth of ‘bad’ germs. Therefore, you may want to get your doctor’s advice if douching is suitable for you, and follow given instructions closely.

Briefly, the best way to get rid of vaginal smell is none other than keeping good personal hygiene. A healthy lifestyle, including eating the right diet, is also important to prevent vaginal infections that give you the unpleasant vaginal odor.

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