The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer-My Amazing Results

Long gone are the days when women had to spend many tedious hours in an often vain attempt to exercise their pelvic floors. The Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer is one of the latest generation of electronic pelvic muscle training devices to hit the market.

Like nothing before, the Athena Pelvic Toner represents freedom. Freedom from the years of incontinence and slackened pelvic muscle which contribute to reduced sensations during intercourse and often lead to prolapse which requires surgical intervention.

A weakened pelvic floor is extremely common in women who have had children. So much so that all women are actively encouraged to do kegel exercises beginning within days if not hours after the birth. The problem with doing kegels is that after the birth of a baby, sensations are generally reduced in the vaginal area and the stretching and tearing of muscles means that women frequently have no idea whatsoever if they are doing the exercises correctly. I remember this very well.

I was full of good intentions after having all of my children. Indeed I found it quite easy, with discipline, to lose my baby weight. However, no matter how hard I tried, regaining control of my bladder was a different matter altogether! I squeezed and pulled in and up as much as I could but it didn’t feel like anything was happening. I resolutely did my kegels everyday but a year after the birth of my third (and last!) child, I still leaked urine and I knew that sex wasn’t the same. It was a visit to my consultant at the hospital that prompted my purchase of the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer.

I had been referred for a pelvic repair procedure as I simply couldn’t go on as I was. The last thing I’d expected in my mid-thirties was to be wearing incontinence pads on a daily basis. I had had to give up my beloved aerobics classes and could no longer run (not strictly true-I did still run with a very understanding female friend once every couple of weeks very early in the morning, padded up with Tena Lady)

The consultant at the hospital asked if I’d tried a pelvic toner and when I said no, he unofficially recommended that I tried the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer before opting for surgery. He said my level of incontinence made me an ideal candidate. To be honest, I thought I was simply too far gone for anything but surgery to make a difference but he assured me that he had seen impressive results in some very severe cases indeed. Before buying it, I watched a review online by Dr Chris Steele from This Morning and read a review by Dr Hilary from GMTV-both praised it very highly.

I went ahead and bought the Athena Pelvic Toner. It was unbelievably easy to use. The best thing about it when compared to similar devices is that it is wireless-there is simple no other pelvic toner like it. Only the same size as a tampon, the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer is completely cordless which means it can be used very discreetly. I started off using mine whilst eating breakfast on a morning and whilst watching the soaps on an evening-it couldn’t have been easier. The Athena has different settings so it is suitable for all levels of incontinence. You can actually customise your workout to suit your own level of incontinence.

In common with most women who take the plunge and try out an electronic pelvic toner, I began to see results very quickly. After years of suffering, I felt exhilarated and almost didn’t dare believe that this could be the end of my problems. After a couple of weeks use, I could tell that things were tightening up although it took a couple of months before I could stop using heavy pads for running. Within around 3 months of rigorous use, I considered myself to be completely cured and my husband and I have both noticed a huge difference when we have sex-a totally unexpected but nevertheless very welcome side effect!

With over 200 million women worldwide suffering from urinary incontinence, this is a problem which is very much swept under the carpet. One staggering statistic is that over 38% of all menstrual pads bought are bought to treat incontinence in addition to those bought specifically for the purpose. Fortunately, the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer is a simple, effective and foolproof way to ensure that you can eliminate this problem for good.

I still use my Athena a couple of times a week. Just like other areas of the body, the pelvic floor needs exercising to keep it in shape. I see it as simply forming part of my general exercise routine.

If you would like to try this device, you can find more information at Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer.

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