Eyelid Ptosis Surgery – Pros And Cons

Have you been pondering about eyelid ptosis surgery, blepharoplasty? Blepharoplasty, normally often known as an “eye lift”,  lifting a drooping eyelid, is done for useful as well as cosmetic factors.  If you are contemplating undergoing this surgical treatment done, you likely have some concerns in regards to the pros and cons of the surgical treatment.  What will the surgical treatment accomplish?  What are the dangers?  What can I expect?  Let’s take a look at these difficulties so you can make an informed decision about having this form of surgical procedure.

An clear positive of the surgical treatment is an improved visual appeal.  The surgery removes fatty deposits above and beneath the eyes for a far more open, youthful look.  As we age the delicate skin around our eyes looses it’s elasticity and accumulates fatty tissue.  Very good skin care can assist in mitigating this as can excellent genetics and family background, but eventually it will catch up with you.  We all have our Achilles heel about our looks, the one factor that actually bothers us and no matter what methods we consider we can in no way really fix.  If your eyes are your trouble spot, then cosmetic eye surgery can be your solution.

You should have sensible expectations of course.  An eyelift isn’t likely to solve all of the complications in your existence, but your improved upon appearance could be that desired enhancement in your self confidence that makes you a much more assured, confident man or woman.

There are also practical considerations.  Some people possess a genetically drooping eyelid that actually impairs vision.  Eyelid ptosis surgery will lift the drooping eyelid out of the way to make seeing less difficult.

regarding the cons of surgical procedure?  Horror testimonies?  Permanently paralyzed eyelid?  Unwanted effects like these are generally just that, horror tales.  Of course, any surgery involving our eyes and face holds it’s very own terrors of loss of vision and permanent scarring, but they are incredibly uncommon.  You will experience some puffiness and irritation perfect immediately after surgery of course.  The swelling will take some days to weeks to go down before you’ll be able to see the result of your surgical procedure.  You might have some temporary numbness for your eyelid, but do not panic it’s going to clear up as your nerves wake back up!  You also might have dry or irritated eyes directly after surgery and your surgeon will most most likely give you ointment to sooth and deliver antibiotic safety.

All surgical treatment carries chance and eyelid ptosis surgery is no different.  Infection and scarring are constantly a threat.  Consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon and practical expectations on the final results must prepare you for what to be expecting.

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