Are There Any Easy Ways to Lose Weight?


Are There Any Easy Ways to Lose Weight?Are there any easy ways to lose weight? If you are reading this I bet you wish the answer was yes. So do many other people. There are so many stories about easy ways to lose weight and many people want to believe them because they sound easier than traditional methods.

Drink Ice Water

For example, have you ever heard someone say that you will burn more calories if you drink ice water versus room temperature water? People think that after drinking ice water they will burn calories as their body tries to reduce the temperature of the ice water to the same temperature as their body. Unfortunately the amount of energy it takes to do that is minimal.

It is important to drink water many times throughout the day. And if you really want to help your body lose weight, try drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice.

Ice Cream

Another much loved cold product is ice cream. It is definitely my weakness. Will eating it help any of us burn more calories as we try to bring the temperature of the ice cream down? I sure wish it did, but I am proof that it doesn’t. The milk and sugar in ice cream is one of the first things that causes my weight to spike. How about you?

Simple Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to simple ways to lose weight, the things I try to do are to stay away from white sugar, and stop drinking milk and sodas. It isn’t easy at first but the more I stay away from them the easier it gets. I also look for what I can have instead. For example, instead of sodas I make homemade lemonade or drink coconut water. Instead of eating sweets packed with white sugar I have a small square of very dark chocolate.

And for exercise the easiest thing for me is to go for a 30 to 60 minute walk. Being out and about lifts my mood, helps to reduce my stress levels, and reduces or eliminates any food cravings I might have.

If going for a long walk isn’t convenient for you, you could try simple exercises at home, such as sit-ups, stretching, yoga or Pilates. Heck, you can even dance in your living room for 20 minutes or so to burn off calories. Don’t worry. You do not need to dance like the folks on Dancing With the Stars to lose weight. Just have fun.

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